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Anybody Got a Phone Booth I Can Borrow?

How do I make a blog about road construction entertaining? That is the great dilemma. Well when you’re MoPac Man, still trying to work out what exactly your super powers are, balancing being MoPac Man with regular life has proven to be quite entertaining, at least to my family and friends.

First, did you happen to see my prominent appearance in a full page ad in the October 27th edition of the Austin-American Statesman? Well apparently some kid in my neighborhood did. On Halloween he came by the house, saw my MoPac truck and yelled with much excitement, “Hey it’s MoPac Man!” Fortunately I was out of town at the time the ad came out, so I didn’t get too much ribbing at church that Sunday morning.
The ribbing does however continue here at the office. I’ve been promised a cape and bright yellow super hero tights for Christmas. What a horrific image that creates in my mind! They can get the tights if they want, but it will take an awfully big charity fundraiser to get this big boy to put them on. By the way, when I speak to the occasionally hostile crowd (there’s only been one so far), I like to remind them that my construction vest is not bullet proof. In fact, just the opposite, it’s so bright it makes me an easy target.

Just this week, we mailed thousands of postcards with a magnet attached that included our 24 hour project hotline number. Almost immediately the calls started coming in at some of the most inopportune times over Thanksgiving weekend; like right when Alabama was kicking that game losing field goal. Just kidding, actually the calls came in as I was surrounded by thousands of loud fans at a high school football game, and at a very loud restaurant following the game. Still, I was excited to be hearing from the community and happy to be answering everyone’s questions about the project. The best part was when people would call and say, “Wow, I didn’t think I’d get to speak directly to MoPac Man.”

The postcard also generated some entertaining emails. My favorite read:
“I just wanted to say “great job” on the postcard I received today promoting Steve Pustelnyk as a primary contact on the Mopac project. This was really well done and an excellent idea. It is refreshing to see these types of forward thinking, proactive initiatives from the government.”

Just as I was gloating a bit, this one came in:

“Why on earth would you send out that EXPENSIVE (and useless) advertisement I received today??? Was it really necessary to have the coated cardstock? The fake “credit” card that is an exact reproduction of exactly what is under it when you peel it off the fancy paper?”

So as I face the daily fun of dealing with divergent public opinion on everything from sound walls to postcards, let me remind everyone that construction is getting into high gear this month. With the holidays approaching, please be careful as you drive the corridor, so that we all can enjoy a wonderful and joyous season with our families and friends. By the way, where does Superman change into his tights these days?

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