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Now that the Express Lanes are open you can visit the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority website for information about tolling and get historical toll rate info or real-time toll rates

What Are Express Lanes?

Express Lanes are special lanes that will are separated from the three existing non-tolled lanes by special striping and white plastic delineator sticks.

Express Lanes provide public transit buses, registered van pools, and emergency vehicles with a reliable, uncongested, non-stop, toll free route to their destination.

Because public transit buses, registered vanpools and emergency vehicles do not use up all of the space in the Express Lanes, individual drivers are permitted to use the lane if they choose to.

To keep the Express Lanes from becoming congested, individual drivers are charged a variable toll that increases when traffic is heavy and goes down when traffic is light. The primary goal is not to generate revenue, but to keep the Express Lane free flowing as much as possible.

The MoPac Express Lanes encourage people to carpool because they have the option to split the cost of the trip among each occupant in the vehicle.

The Express Lanes are not intended for everyday use. There is not enough capacity to accommodate everyone who might want to use them.

Individual drivers have to decide whether any particular trip is worth the toll being charged at the time they wish to use the Express Lanes.

Please see the Access Points page to see how and where you can access the Express Lanes.


Historically, Express Buses and vanpools sat in traffic with all other vehicles on MoPac, but now with the Express Lanes, these transit vehicles are able to bypass congestion and get to their destination faster, making pubic transit more appealing.

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