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Green Initiative

The Mobility Authority's mission is to implement innovative solutions that reduce congestion and create multimodal transportation choices that enhance quality of life and economic vitality. In line with this mission, the Mobility Authority promotes sustainability in the development of the MoPac Improvement Project.

The Mobility Authority has implemented a "Green Credits" Program which the Design/Build Contractor will be required to comply with on the MoPac Improvement Project. The Green Credits Program will encourage the Design/Build Contractor to incorporate sustainable measures and design elements into the project. This Program, which has also been implemented on the US 290E construction, is similar to LEED certification in that projects receive various credit values for meeting identified sustainable initiatives. The Design/Build Contractor will be required to meet a minimum number of credits as a condition of Final Acceptance for the Project; which includes mitigation plans for noise, waste management, recycling, water quality, and air quality. Achieving these credits will equate to a cleaner, more efficient construction project that minimizes effects on the surrounding community.

Steps will be taken to define and minimize environmental impacts to the greatest extent possible on the Project.

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