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What the Project Will Look Like

There will be numerous trees and landscaping elements added along the corridor. Where sound walls are being constructed, the walls will be textured and painted to fit in with the look and feel of the surrounding area. Many of the concrete structures, including the sound walls, will be painted.

Click here to view a snapshot of the context sensitive design elements that will be incorporated into the project.

Aethetic Design Concepts

For more detailed information regarding the proposed improvements you can check out the MoPac Aesthetic Guidelines below. This document established our aesthetic intent for the corridor.



1.) Introduction (3.4 MB)

2.) Corridor Aesthetics (5.8 MB)

3.) Intersection Aesthetic Improvements (9.0 MB)

4.) Existing/Proposed Surface Treatments and Details  (6.0 MB)

5.) Landscape Enhancements (7.1 MB)

  * Design and constructability issues could require changes that may impact the exact appearance of the corridor.

How We Got Here

The project team conducted extensive public outreach through Context Sensitive Design (CSD), a collaborative process to create a community vision for the aesthetic look of the corridor.

Goal of the CSD Process

The goal of the CSD process is to ensure the design concept developed is:

  • Consistent with community values
  • Compatible with the surrounding environment
  • Constructible
  • Affordable
  • Sustainable (can be maintained over time)

A description of the CSD process that the project team facilitated can be found below:

Context Sensitive Design Advisory Committee

In March 2011, project team invited the original 2007 Aesthetics Advisory Committee (AAC) members and additional members to form a Context Sensitive Design Advisory Committee (CSDAC).

Using the 2007 AAC recommendations as a baseline, this 12-member committee worked with planners to recommend design guidelines for items such as sound walls, bridge structures, retaining walls, signing, and landscaping. The general public was also invited to share their opinions regarding the design of the project during the environmental study process.

Open House Meeting Held

In May 2011, a preliminary Context Sensitive Design analysis and two preliminary design concepts were presented to the public at an Open House for review and comment.

The project team presented comments received at the open house to the CSDAC, which helped the team finalize the preferred concept, Concept A, and develop a design guide for construction.

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