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Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements

The Express Lanes Project Includes:

Approximately $5 million worth of proposed bicycle and pedestrian facility improvements consisting of:

  • 3 miles of 10’ wide/two-way shared use path (SUP)
    • 2-mile section on the west side of MoPac from Walnut Creek Trail to the north end of Loop 360
    • 1-mile section that runs through the US 183 interchange and links Shoal Creek Boulevard to Neils Thompson Drive. (Construction of this section of shared-use path has been delayed due to design challenges and issues acquiring an easement to build the path on. A separate construction contract is being issued to to complete this section of path. Completion is expected in 2018)
  • Improved east/west connectivity at 13 MoPac cross streets including Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) improvements, sidewalk extensions, and addition of bike lanes
  • 4 miles of new sidewalk, curb ramps, and pedestrian signal heads planned along the frontage roads between Parmer Lane and Anderson Lane to better accommodate pedestrians and the disabled

Bike TrailThe bicycle and pedestrian accommodations described in Section 3.6.2 and visually depicted in Appendix F & Appendix G of the Environmental Assessment were developed in close consultation with the City of Austin, TxDOT, CAMPO, FHWA and leadership and representatives of the bicycling community.

You can also view detailed maps of these enhancements by clicking here.

How We Got Here

Needs Identified

Since January 2011, the project team coordinated with the Bicycle Community through meetings and project tours which resulted in the identification of the following high priority needs:

  • East/west connectivity across MoPac at local streets
  • North/south movement and connectivity, especially through and north of the US 183/MoPac interchange
  • Sidewalk extensions and ADA improvements

What's Not Included in the Project

The project team considered a request to construct an 11-mile continuous, grade separated Shared Use Path (bicycle and pedestrian) within the MoPac corridor. However, it was determined that due to the high cost and construction impacts resulting from the narrow corridor south of RM 2222, a properly designed facility of this type would best be approached as a stand-alone project led by the City of Austin.

Click here to read a City of Austin resolution regarding development of a future Shared Use Path along MoPac.

A continuous 11-mile, grade separated SUP located next to the MoPac mainlanes would most likely require:

  • Structures spanning over or under MoPac entrance and exit ramps
  • Connections to cross streets for access (involving retaining walls and bridges)
  • Elevated structures south of RM 2222 to fit within the existing right-of-way
  • Significant barrier separation and fencing due to proximity to high-speed vehicle lanes
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