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Construction Alerts


  • Crews are beginning to work on the express lane in the middle of MoPac south of Enfield Road including excavation for the entrance to the express lane underpass exit into downtown Austin. They will also be removing the old exit ramp for Cesar Chavez and 5th Street and extending a sound wall in the area.

  • Crews are working on final pavement along the outside shoulder of southbound MoPac for the widening work between US 183 and RM 2222. Resurfacing of the entire road in that section may begin shortly, weather permitting. Some pavement repair work may still take place at times in various locations of MoPac in both directions between RM 2222 and Parmer Lane.

  • Workers are installing concrete block retaining walls on the slopes along MoPac in preparation for the planting of trees.
  • Crews are backfilling a retaining wall and removing the concrete curb along MoPac as they prepare to install drainage structures and begin widening MoPac. Sound wall foundations are complete and crews should be starting to work on pouring caps for the foundations.
  • Crews are finishing the remaining sound wall foundations and working on realignment of the 45th Street exit ramp as part of the widening of southbound MoPac. The pouring of sound wall foundation caps is also slated to begin.
  • Crews are preparing to install the final precast concrete wall panels in the areas around the high tension power poles.
  • Workers are preparing to reopen the third northbound lane of MoPac near Enfield Road so the entrance to the Express Lane underpass from Cesar Chavez and 6th Street to northbound MoPac can be completed. To restore the third northbound lane crews will need to implement significant lane and ramp closures starting at midnight December 2nd and continuing until 5:00 a.m. on Monday morning December 5th. More information is available on the homepage of www.mopacexpress.com

  • Crews are installing drainage structures, removing existing concrete curb and gutter and doing other work necessary to begin widening MoPac in both directions between Enfield Road and 45th Street. They will also be deploying temporary moveable concrete traffic barrier along the median and removing guardrail during overnight lane closures.
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