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Construction Alerts


  • Crews are demolishing the existing bridge rail on the northbound bridge and expect to set the bridge beams in late July. The beams for the southbound bridge are already installed. Crews are in the process of demolishing the existing bridge rail on the southbound bridge and will begin installing deck panels in late July or early August.  
    Left hand lane closures may be necessary after 5pm on Sunday July 13th and after 9pm Monday night July 14 through Thursday night July 17th. The lanes will reopen each morning by 5am. - See more at: http://www.mopacexpress.com/#sthash.pD1DKXW8.dpuf
    Left hand lane closures may be necessary after 5pm on Sunday July 13th and after 9pm Monday night July 14 through Thursday night July 17th. The lanes will reopen each morning by 5am. - See more at: http://www.mopacexpress.com/#sthash.pD1DKXW8.dpuf
  • Crews will be boring underneath MoPac just south of 45th Street as they reroute an existing water line. Most of the work will take place on Camp Mabry property and at Westminster Towers.


  • Crews are completing the installation of posts and panels for soundwall #22.
  • Crews have closed on lane on southbound Winsted Lane and one lane on eastbound Enfield Road under MoPac to facilitate repair work on an AT&T communication line that was damaged. The lane closures are causing some travel delays, especially during morning rush hour. Drivers may wish to avoid the area.
  • Crews are drilling foundation shafts for sound wall #4.

  • Crews are constructing retaining walls along the shoulder of northbound MoPac between Windsor and Westover as they prepare to begin roadway widening and sound wall construction in the area.
  • Crews may close lanes on Westover each night after 9pm so they can work to construct the caps for the columns that will support the expanded bridges. They currently plan to set the beams for the bridges in late July.
  • Crews are working on the sound wall on the rail of the northbound bridge and the deck of the southbound bridge.  They are also working on the roadway approaches to the bridges.

  • Crews will be milling and repaving a short stretch of existing MoPac in both directions around Parmer Lane to fix pavement failure issues in the area. The work is supposed to take place for several weeks in July.  
  • Crews are forming and pouring section of shared use path and sidewalk along the northbound MoPac frontage road north of Duval Road.
  • Crews are continuing to construct concrete retaining walls in the median of MoPac to deal with the elevation differences between the northbound and southbound lanes.  Crews are also removing soil and hauling in roadway base material in preparation for paving some of these areas.
  • Crews are finishing up drainage work and are excavating dirt and other material where the northbound collector-distributor lane will be be built under Steck Avenue. During July they expect to do additional retaining wall construction in the area.
  • Crews are installing deck panels on the northbound and southbound sides on the bridges over Waters Park Road/Park Bend Drive Drive/Capital Metro Red Line. They are planning to pour the decks in mid July.

  • Crews are planning to install the bridge beams Wednesday night July 8th and Thursday July 9th. Travel delays are possible those evenings. Onec the beams are in place crews will begin demolishing the bridge rail on the existing bridges.

  • Crews are widening MoPac just north of Enfield Road and have completed installing roadway base material and adjusting drainage structures. They are preparing to prime the roadway base and are installing caps on the soundwall foundations. Paving of the area is expected in the next few weeks.
  • On Monday evening July 6th crews plan to install the final piece of a 525 foot long steel truss bicycle and pedestrian bridge across the Union Pacific railroad track on the soutbound side of MoPac near the Domain. The work will require moving the bridge segment from the median of MoPac near Parmer Lane south to the installation locaation. After 8pm on Monday July 6th expect two lanes to be closed in the southbound direction from Parmer to Braker Lane and be prepared for a complete temporary closure of MoPac for up to 30 minutes between 9:00 and 10:00 pm as the bridge is moved.
  • Crews are placing concrete forms on a retaining wall adjacent to the future Cesar Chavez/6th Street on ramp to northbound MoPac. They expect to begin pouring the decorative wall in early July. 
  • After 8pm each night crews are closing the southbound exit ramp from MoPac to Cesar Chavez/5th Street so they can remove a concrete coating from the bridges on the ramp. The ramp should reopen by 5am each morning. This work is expected to continue Sunday through Thursday night through early July. 
  • Crews are finishing work on the reconstruction of the Lake Austin Boulevard exit ramp and are nearing completion of a temporary exit ramp for Cesar Chavez/5th Street. The Lake Austin Boulevard exit ramp and the temporrary Cesar Chavez/5th Street southbound exit ramp are both tentatively set to open on monday morning morning of July 13th. 
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