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Construction Alerts


  • Crews are working on construction of a retaining wall and on roadway widening in the area in front of Camp Hubbard and Westminster Manor.
  • Workers are excavating the entrance to the Express Lane underpass at the Cesar Chavez/6th Street entrance. At times overnight they will be closing the Cesar Chavez /6th Street entrance ramp to northbound MoPac so they can truck excavated material offsite.

    When the Cesar Chavez/6th Street ramp is closed, drivers on westbound Cesar Chavez will be detoured southbound on MoPac to the RM 2244 (Bee Caves Road) exit and will use the turnaround to access northbound MoPac. Drivers on westbound 6th Street, will be detoured to the Enfield Road onramp to gain access to northbound MoPac. 

  • Crews are painting all of the bridges just north of Lady Bird Lake associated with the Cesar Chavez/Lake Austin Bouelvard interchange.
  • Crews are finishing the final paving and traffic barrier work necessary to shift traffic to the right and into its final location. That traffic shift is expected to occur in the next week or two. Final paving and striping of this stretch of MoPac will occur in the spring when temperatures are warmer.
  • Workers are installing concrete block retaining walls on the slopes along MoPac in preparation for the planting of trees.
  • Crews are working on the express lane in the middle of MoPac south of Enfield Road including excavation for the entrance to the express lane underpass exit into downtown Austin. They will also be removing the old exit ramp for Cesar Chavez and 5th Street and extending a sound wall in the area. There will be overnight lane closures at times in the area around the undercrossing.

  • Workers are forming up and pouring a cast in place section of sound wall # 13 along southbound MoPac just before the Windsor Road overpass. They are also continuing to work on sound wall foundations for other portions of sound wall #13. 
  • Workers are paving the area in front of sound wall #6 between the northbound 45th Street entrance ramp and Hancock Road. They have also temporarily reduced the RM 2222 exit ramp to one lane so they can install a concrete traffic barrier on top of the retaining wall on the right hand shoulder of northbound MoPac in front of the Austin Memorial Cemetery.
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